43rd (Wessex) Reconnaissance Regiment


             Formed October 1941 from the 5th Battalion of the Gloucesters.

             Formed as the Reconnaissance Regiment for the 48th Infantry Division and then transferred to the 43rd (Wessex) Infantry Division in November 1941, with which the regiment served until disbandment in 1946.

             Landed in Normandy on 24th June 1944 (after the sinking of  the liberty ship carrying HQ, A and C Squadrons with the loss of 180 men), the regiment fought throughout the campaign in North-West Europe.




1Tp Carriers in Germany 1 Tp Windsor Carrier 2 1Tp Cars in Germany 1Tp Cars in Germany 2 2 Troop
1 Troop Carriers in Germany 1945.

1 Troop's Windsor Carrier.

1 Troop Cars in Germany 1945. (Note: (L-R) 1 Humber MkIV A/C, 3 Daimler MkII A/Cs & 1 Humber MkIII LRC. 

1 Troop Cars with crews mounted.

2 Troop

10Tp - Lt Cannon 10troop tea-break.JPG (42827 bytes) Mjr Blood & crew HQ at Hermannsburg Cpl Neath & Chico

10 Troop - Lt Cannon (standing centre).

10 Troop stop for a tea break.

C Sqn Ldr - Major Bindon Blood and his crew, Cpl (Tpr) Roy Merrett - Gnr/Op and Cpl Bert Loveridge - Dvr.

Regimental HQ at Hermannsburg

Cpl Neath and C Sqaudron's Jeep 'Chico'.

C Sqn Cars - Celle L.Col Kinnersley DSO Lt Lavery MC Lt Jackson MC Lt James MC
The Regiment's Daimler Armoured Cars bulled for the parade at Celle.

Monty presenting the DSO to Lt-Col C.H.Kinnersley

Lt P.Lavery MC

Lt H.N. Jackson MC

Lt M.A.James MC

LCpl Lane MM

Monty takes the salute

Marchpast at Celle


Farewell to Recce

L/Cpl C.A.Lane MM

The 43rd Division Marchpast at Celle 24th May 1945. Monty takes the salute. The 43rd Reconnaissance Regiment march past.

C Squadron's last parade. Hermannsburg 29th Jan 1946

'Farewell to Recce' booklet issued to all ranks on the final C Sqn Parade.